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Welcome to (Industry & Native boffin) The industrial age here is full of fighting spirit, you and I both through this network space with Native biological spirit boffin came to the mad labs. home, come and join us Permanent name:
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Welcome to (Industry & Native boffin) The industrial age here is full of fighting spirit, you and I both through this network space with Native biological spirit boffin came to the mad labs. home, Permanent name:

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1 2012 The U.S. government announced the truth ufo petitions on Wed Nov 02, 2011 2:47 am


2012 The U.S. government announced the truth alien petitions contrary popular people are not people concerned about the huge deficit the list of the unemployment rate
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decades, is considered alien transport UFO (UFO) appeared in the world,
a large number of photos circulated on the Internet. (Network image)

States announced last month aimed to narrow the distance between the
U.S. government and the new voter initiatives, citizens should present
the most pressing Xu Meiguo demands. Since then more than 10,000 flocked to the petition, a petition which called on the government officially recognized

are alien contact with humans, triggering strong public concern, has
been among "the most popular petition," the top 20 list. On the contrary, such as the federal government's huge deficit, two wars and high unemployment such problems

Does not seem to care about the people of the column. Require the publication of the truth alien petitions a hot

to "The Wall Street Journal" reported that the White House had
promised, if any appeal to a certain number of signatures collected (so
far, more than 50 petitions meet the standards), the White House held a
hearing will be given priority, and given a formal response of the policy.

The petition for extraterrestrial life by a man named (Stephen Bassett) man submitted. Basit
hoped that the U.S. government to stop blocking the truth, he believes
the U.S. government had deliberately blocked the grasp of the fact that
the existence of extraterrestrial life.

said: "In fact extraterrestrial life does exist. This I know, because I
am very familiar with the investigation, but the past few years, there
are hundreds of government witnesses said they saw. Recognize existence of extraterrestrial life or not related to open government. "

decided heard of this opportunity to submit this petition, and he
immediately link to the page with the email blast to more than 10,000
people. And in six of his Facebook page and Twitter account posted on the contents of this petition. Currently, he has been more than 9,500 petition signatures, ranking the most popular petition, the top twenty list.

the White House, the threshold is set within 30 days of collecting
5,000 electronic signatures, but began the first week alone, more than
30 appeals reached this standard, far beyond expectations. White House officials followed the standard to 2.5 million copies.

Secret U.S. Air Force officer before: alien concerned with human nuclear[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.][You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

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Air Force retired officers statement on Earth from another planet,
there is still life, people of all countries around the world need to
know, and have the right to know the truth about UFOs. (Photo: Lisa / The Epoch Times)


In September 27, UFO contact with the nuclear weapons expert Robert ‧ Hastings (Robert

and seven former Air Force officer, National Correspondents Club in
Washington, held a press conference at the U.S. Air Force nuclear
missile base in their own personal experience, to witness the existence
of UFO and its cause lead

Missile system shutdown events. They
stated that on Earth there is still life from another planet, UFO truth
is that people in every country around the world need to know and a
right to know the truth; They also called for the Obama administration

For telling the truth.

is the U.S. Air Force Senior Master Sergeant father, from 1966 to 1967,
the Hastings family who reside in Montana hair Strom

(Malmstrom) Air Force Base, near the UFO is often infested Mi Nite at the door (Minuteman) nuclear missile bases. March 1967, Hastings witnessed five

UFO appears in the navigation tower radar base, which led to Hastings after decades of UFO research.

Hastings said he had witnessed more than 120 former military personnel certificate

Words, these range from 1945 to 2003 nuclear weapons base in the appearance of the UFO experience. 1966 in North Dakota Minuo Te (Minot) Air Force Base observed a UFO in the missile

shuttle, the launch countdown last several intercontinental ballistic
missile was somehow activated, the Air Force Missile extremely shocked
officials had to immediately modify the firing process.

same thing happened in the former Soviet Union in 1982, the Ukraine,
when a huge disc hovering UFO in the missile base, the final countdown
to launch several missiles were suddenly activated. After a horrible 15 seconds after the missile recovery wait states.

Battle of Los Angeles: UFO invasion


at 2:00 on February 25, from Pearl Harbor less than three months after
the occasion, Santa Monica, Los Angeles UFO hovering over the area
once, attracted the military into a state of war, launched nearly two
hours issued 2,000

Artillery shells. Searchlights and gunfire to Los Angeles the night sky into day. But the dawn, it was found on the ground the shells falling everywhere, but nothing down. Although the newspaper claimed that the Japanese planes, but more

Believe, that night there was UFO.

this year, after the Hollywood big screen adaptation of the events:
science fiction war film "Battle of Los Angeles" (Battle: Los Angeles),
the film moved to the background now, about the alien invasion of
Earth, the story of Los Angeles Last Stand. The film once again lead the American public about extraterrestrial life hot.

U.S. armed conflict with the alien found "green blood"

often witnessed the emergence of the green blood aliens and UFO's in
Puerto Rico, "Albert Yang Kui" (El Yunque) Mountain (Jose Jimenez /
Primera Hora / Getty Images)

Puerto Rico is a U.S. dominion in the Caribbean region, the official name of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. According
ufoarea site reported in Puerto Rico, the U.S. military has dealt with
many alien haunted event, according to witnesses, has repeatedly found
that green alien blood.


Who are familiar with Puerto Rico "foreign Kui Ireland" (El

mountain, is the famous rainforest, scenic, tropical plants widely, but
it is also a mysterious place, a few decades there have been many alien
creatures, Bigfoot, UFO, mysterious disappearances and other strange
things human.

The United States to deal with these events, most of the project to send troops or elite intelligence personnel involved. Witnesses
even speculation the U.S. government and may even take direct or
indirect contacts with extraterrestrials, it is very obvious in Puerto

The secret base built by specially trained personnel to deal with alien problem.

February 19, 1984 night, according to several media reports at that time, there Kuishan UFO crashed in the ocean in Ireland. But the U.S. government to cover up and deny. It
was said that UFO and alien remains transported by the military and
security personnel from Puerto Rico, sent to the United States ... ...

to the U.S. privately said a senior military officer stationed in
Puerto Rico, the Caribbean rain forest in the country, the U.S.
military mission a secret task force assigned by the 15 soldiers and 3
officers, together with other members of the unit.


officer said, things took place at about at 1:00 on February 16, 1984
about a group of soldiers drove to the gas station to buy cigarettes. When Highway 191 through the pull Kou card (La

Coca) Falls area, they heard a strange sound in the trees, just as it was heavily step on dry leaves as above. Them out of the car, then we can find, jeep engine, lights, radios and even hand

Of quartz in an instant shut down the.

dark, they feel that someone or something coming toward them, suspected
terrorists to come to undermine the government facilities. They are very alert and fired illumination

Bombs, but no response. Then they shouted to each other, still no response. Fear in people's minds at this time, the commander ordered the shooting scene, shot in the dark what they seem. Then the voice of the forest is more noisy

Complex, like someone on the run - the pace of heavily step on the leaves. Suddenly, everything is still, only a silence enveloped the soldiers assembled position.

Search by order of four soldiers, but found nothing. A few minutes later, all the electrical instrumentation and resume operation.


officer said: "The soldiers immediately react to the base, just half an
hour after, Kui Yang Ireland, many military and police personnel poured
into the mountains, to the middle of the night two, three, when, again
a group of people, all dressed in white anti-radiation and anti-contamination clothing

Clothes, wearing a protective mask, one can only see their eyes. Then,
I heard that they found on the ground and leaves a strange green
liquid, and then along the trail, traced to an outsider I do not know
the place, found some East

The West. "

officer hinted that the so-called green liquid, that is, soldiers shot
and killed an unknown object that the outflow of blood. Then, the soldiers were all brought back to base, accept the strict spirit of medical examination

Investigation, and report the circumstances surrounding the incident. Their weapons and equipment, clothing have all been tested and destroyed. In the morning, these soldiers were to lift all military affairs, to restore the people's identity. Military and to caution them, no matter under what circumstances,

They have not disclosed what happened that night.

the officer said the key to the secret: "Yes, I tell you, the U.S.
government and extraterrestrial life have formal contacts in Puerto
Rico, everything is controlled by senior military officers, its land,
sea and air are involved with the intelligence community, especially the CIA task force. "

Classification of the seven countries witnessed the UFO experience on behalf of

12th, 2007 at noon, in the U.S. capital Washington State Reporters
Club, from France, Britain, Belgium, Chile, Peru, Iran and the United
States before the high-level government officials, pilots and military
officials about their close contact with UFO ( UFO) experience.


Long Air Force generals Gu Fali (Parviz

Jafari) said at 23 o'clock on September 18, 1976, an unidentified object hovering in Tehran, Iran suddenly over. Air Force Command sent F-4 jets to go exploration. When the first jet to fly

Teller near the light, it lost contact with the ground, had to return. About 10 minutes later, Jia Fali driving the second jet tried to approach this luminous unknown object. "I'm close to the object, it is shining

Strong red, green, orange and blue, very bright and dazzling, so that I can not see the object. Guang Shan extremely quickly, just like in flash. There are four different shapes of objects scattered in the main object of the week

Wai. When these objects close to me, my weapon was jammed, radio contact is also confusion. "

Retired Air Force Captain Du Boke France (Jean-Claude

said January 28, 1994 from the French port city of Nice in France 3532
flight to London, he and several other crew members in the day to see a
UFO near Paris. "This object looks

like a huge flying saucer, we observed the plane left a minute, its
apparent diameter is about 1,000 feet, as if with the moon or the sun
than the diameter. The most incredible is that this mammoth big

Material in just about 10 seconds to 20 seconds to disappear without a trace. "

Air Force Captain Bravo (Rodrigo Bravo) 1988, when a Boeing 737 near
the city of Chi Li Mengte airport runway, the pilot suddenly saw a
large group of white, surrounded by green and red light. This group is runoff straight into the optical head moving plane, the pilot had a sharp turn to avoid collision. Airport control tower staff also witnessed the scene.


April 11, city of Arequipa in southern Peru, an Air Force base lined up when they see the sky there was a UFO. Because there is no-fly zone, the Peruvian Air Force pilot Maria (Oscar


Maria) received the order, driving Su-22 fighters shot down this unknown light-emitting materials. Maria
said: "When I close the object when artillery shells fired sixty-four
and some artillery shells to the ground, and some hit

Of objects, but to no avail. When
about 300 feet from the UFO, I found the object about 30 feet in
diameter, with white enamel dome, metal base broad, rounded. The UFO

No engine, no exhaust, no windows, no wings, no antenna. It does not have all the basic components of the aircraft, there is no visible propulsion system. "At that time Maria did not realize this is not a spy plane, and

Is it a UFO, because the plane he was driving fast out of oil, so I had to speed up the return. After he landed, the flying saucer in the base over and stay for two hours, based on everyone saw.


In April, the British Air Services Civil Aviation Alderney Captain Bowyer (Ray

Gap in the English Channel island UFO over the area to see two, he said
he fifty-five miles away from the object observed 15 minutes. Two objects radiate a flat saucer shape, the distribution of bright yellow

Light, light from the object itself. When separated by 12 miles with the UFO, the object becomes very large, but fortunately he landed safely. At that time many passengers on the plane to see the two objects.


Midnight on December 26, retired Air Force officer Penny Houston (James

Penniston) a secure base in the forest outside, saw the UFO. He said: "One about 9 feet long, 6.5 feet tall triangular aircraft come into our eyes, stop the vehicle smoothly

In a small forest clearing. I
have never seen such a plane, about 45 minutes later, the light emitted
by aircraft is growing, and then began to leave the ground at an
incredible rate, and instantly disappeared. "


National pilot Lai Bisi (Jean-Claude

Ribes) French military organization COMETA had submitted a report on national security and military UFO research. Lai Bisi said: "I personally believe that UFO phenomenon should be taken seriously, without prejudice

For research. There
may be several possible explanations, such as rare atmospheric
phenomena, etc., but some events strongly suggest that: the real
aircraft with the characteristics of far more than the ability of our
planet. "

Alien genes of human perfection coveted


Possession of a large number of witness evidence, UFO, alien to many people still just a staple of jokes. In this regard, UFO expert Bernice believes that the attitude of governments towards UFO is quite serious, but

Deliberately concealed from the public. "UFO
is also a political side. Russians and the Chinese people believe that
this is a triangular war to see who made the first deal and
extraterrestrial life."

pointed out that previous U.S. presidents are aware of the existence of
UFO, even in the plane of President Reagan pursued the UFO, and in
Iceland and the then Soviet Union leader Mikhail Gorbachev to discuss
the possibility of alien invasion of Earth. "Do
you think this is just based on the assumption of it?" Bernice
emphasized, if only assume that President Reagan in the United Nations
will not be made the same arguments.


that the government concealed from the public UFO truth is mainly due
to fear of panic: "If people know that alien among us, looks almost
human, may not speak Chinese, but people are so similar and even

Difficult to distinguish in you. They also stealth, through time, into your mind, this is not scary it? "He said the best way to prevent panic is blind:" When you are hurt when you did not even feel. "

for why alien frequent the Earth, and Salas coincide, Bernice also made
alien came to Earth through the universe in order to obtain the theory
of human genes, he said: "Look at yourself, how perfect , and so has not suffered the ravages of nuclear war. "

Cited the U.S. government worried about UFO panic


Pull John (John J

in the 1980s in the United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
assessed the incident served as head of the investigation, worked for
six years. Callahan suggested that CIA officials told the American public, flying

CD visited us. But the CIA officers to respond, "must not do, if we tell the American public there are UFOs, they will panic."

If the United States Government is worried that people see

UFO panic, then why have human mystery flying saucer alien feel afraid? Because
of UFO designers and users of technology standards far beyond the
ability of people on earth today, or inherent to the universe of people

The concept of being irresistible cognitive impact of a sudden feel unbearable, and even panic? Scientists explore the UFO in time, these issues are also worthy to ponder.]

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