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Welcome to (Industry & Native boffin) The industrial age here is full of fighting spirit, you and I both through this network space with Native biological spirit boffin came to the mad labs. home, come and join us Permanent name:
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Welcome to (Industry & Native boffin) The industrial age here is full of fighting spirit, you and I both through this network space with Native biological spirit boffin came to the mad labs. home, Permanent name:

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1Oriental magic chocolate - brown sugar Empty Oriental magic chocolate - brown sugar on Tue Dec 03, 2013 5:33 am


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Brown sugar , also known as brown sugar , with sugar cane juice stems directly refining the red crystal. Although brown sugar impurities, but retain nutrients better, in addition to containing sugar , but also contains small amounts of iron , calcium, carotene and other substances. " Compendium of Materia Medica " records, brown sugar taste warm, fluid stasis , cold blood, warm stomach and spleen, pain-relieving effect. Therefore, the brown sugar is the best female skin care products .

    Brown sugar, chocolate has been hailed as the East

    Has not been refined brown sugar retains more nutrients cane , brown sugar glucose to release energy quickly contained , but also more easily digested and absorbed by the body , so they can quickly add strength , increase vitality , it is also known as the Oriental chocolate. The benefits of brown sugar is " warm and supplemented , warm and pass , the temperature and the bulk of " what we called the warming . There the gas shortage , loss of appetite, child malnutrition and other issues , weekdays moderate drinking brown water. Chills , abdominal pain , menstruation colds people , brown sugar, ginger can also be dispelling . The frail elderly , especially people recovering from illness , brown sugar, virtual therapy is also an excellent tonic effect , the elderly eat the right amount of brown sugar, but also scattered silt blood, laxative , slow liver eyesight.

    Benefits of clever woman with brown sugar

    According to nutrition analysis , brown sugar, sugar and more than twice as much calcium , iron and more than double the sugar , other trace elements such as manganese , zinc also more than sugar, as well as vitamin B, carotene, these nutrients for pregnant women, mothers , babies are very necessary. In particular, the brown sugar to menstruation, pregnancy, childbirth and breast-feeding women, are extremely beneficial . In addition , brown sugar, but also has a cosmetic effect.

    Brown sugar on the role of women in the menstrual period physiological phenomenon peculiar to the natural loss of blood, and therefore the role of women is very large brown sugar . Brown sugar with a blood effect , medicine nutrition that warm brown sugar through "and fill in the warm , warm and pass , the temperature and the bulk of the " to play the role of blood . In addition, women's menstrual smooth brown sugar water is also helpful to let the body warm, increase energy , active blood , accelerate blood circulation , menstruation also scheduled to be relatively smooth. If you feel the spirit after bad, bad color , you can every day in fasting , drinking a cup of about 20% concentration of brown sugar water. When severe symptoms may be coupled to drink a glass before dinner , continued one week to improve .

    Brown sugar on the role of perinatal medicine believes the body and more silt postpartum women ( poor circulation ) , and Bamo emptiness, each to abdominal pain. Where partial silt , doctors often impose biochemical soup , Jin Ling Zi Shixiaosan or scattered, and has asked the drug Jian Hao after transfer service with brown sugar , brown sugar, the purpose is to use " through silt " or " discharge lochia " role to achieve pain relief purposes. Pregnant women, postpartum blood loss , strength and energy consumption, in 7-10 days postpartum if to drink some water, brown sugar , to add energy , increase blood volume , conducive to physical recovery after childbirth , and the postpartum uterine contraction , recovery, lochia discharge and milk secretion , but also a significant role in promoting.

    Beauty health effects in addition to the role of brown sugar , the brown sugar, molasses contains a component with a powerful detoxifying effect, you can export the excess melanin from the dermal layer, and excreted through the lymphatic tissue. In addition , brown sugar, but also contains carotene , riboflavin , niacin, amino acids, glucose and other components of the cells with potent antioxidant and repair role , enabling the rapid growth of melanin in the skin cells to exclude more completely able to prevent the formation of melanin , continuous whitening effect.

    Brown sugar, rich in minerals , vitamins , amino acids, which not only make the skin smooth and attractive, but also promote skin metabolism sun . After 300 grams of brown sugar into the pot, add a small amount of mineral water, simmer boiled black paste, let cool into the bottle , face painting , 5-10 bell wash with warm water .

    Brown sugar, edible Taboo

    Brown because of impurities, not direct human consumption, in order to open the flush of ( or frying of ) precipitation clothes as well. Yin deficiency should not eat brown sugar. Obesity, indigestion were cut ; diabetics eat. Brown sugar, hypoglycemia fit for human consumption ; suitable for pregnancy, birth , breastfeeding women eat ; suitable anemia , weak women eat.


    Small brown sugar diet recipes

    ◎ jujube tea : jujube 10 , boiled water , add brown sugar , black tea blended with water after the first dose, there is the role of replenishing qi and blood , spleen and stomach . In particular, appropriate for infants and the elderly to take.
Oriental magic chocolate - brown sugar 11186147094_d562e54f9d_o
    ◎ brown sugar, ginger tea: ginger 15 grams of brown sugar . Boil behalf of the tea , the cold can effectively relieve the pain of dysmenorrhea congestion silt type of women.
Oriental magic chocolate - brown sugar 11186103335_872e5291c5_o
    ◎ tea brown sugar drink: tea, brown sugar and the amount. Cook tea bowl , to Java, put brown sugar dissolves after drinking . Once a day. Heat, menstruation , early menstruation attending quantity .
Oriental magic chocolate - brown sugar 11186144536_279cf00000_o
    ◎ Hawthorn brown sugar drink: Hawthorn meat 50 grams , 40 grams of brown sugar . Hawthorn decoction to the residue , into the brown sugar , hot drinks . Blood to regulate menstruation , attending women's menstrual disorders.
Oriental magic chocolate - brown sugar 11186148804_8daa13ef83_o
    ◎ drink wine , brown sugar : brown sugar 10 grams , rice wine 50 ml with Jianfei , hot clothes can cure cold abdominal pain or diarrhea .
Oriental magic chocolate - brown sugar 11186104535_09d0cfcefb_o
    ◎ brown sugar soup : brown sugar 60 grams , 250 grams of tofu, 6 grams of ginger , cook , eat tofu bedtime drink soup , and even served one week , can cure chronic bronchitis.]

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