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Welcome to (Industry & Native boffin) The industrial age here is full of fighting spirit, you and I both through this network space with Native biological spirit boffin came to the mad labs. home, come and join us Permanent name:
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Welcome to (Industry & Native boffin) The industrial age here is full of fighting spirit, you and I both through this network space with Native biological spirit boffin came to the mad labs. home, Permanent name:

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1 dreamweaver tutorial Application examples CSS stylesheet on Thu Dec 05, 2013 4:37 am


To make beautiful pages must use the CSS. Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is a set of formatting rules that control the appearance of web content . CSS style allows you to control many properties using only HTML control. The importance of CSS is not to say , say it clear CSS can be written a large book . The purpose of this paper is to think through an article , grasp the most fundamental and important application of CSS .
Objectives to be achieved : : The first part of the text into a web page nice 12 pixels (px) size.

Method: through the " Redefine HTML" tab , define td (td is the cell label ) font size of 12 pixels (px). Because the entire web content on the table , but also in the cell , it may redefine the cell style by changing all the content on the cell Gerry . Of course, the re-definition of the form tag table, you can also achieve the same effect.

Condensed steps: Open the Styles panel → select " Redefine HTML" tab → select redefine the label , such as td → to the selected label ( for example, td) is defined CSS → a defined tag pages on the well in types.

1 Open a Web document.

2 Open Styles panel.

3 Click "New CSS Style " button .

4 In the "Type" , select the "redefinition HTML" tab.

5 Select td tag . Td label that represents a cell .

6 Select the category of " type ."

7 Set Font : Select the font , font if there is no need to , you can edit the font list , see Part II .

Size : Set the font size, nice text size is 12 pixels (px) and 9 points (pt) are two, both about the same effect .

Line-height : row height is the distance from a line of text and another line between words , in order to facilitate reading, the row height setting big point of it . Can be set between 15 pixels to 25 pixels. Used in Example 20 pixels.

Modified : For plain text, select None. For the link, you can choose underline , overline underline , no other types.

Color: Black most suitable for reading , followed by gray, white. Link default blue color too , if the entire page is a link , use the blue can hardly distinguish the role , and very ugly. Do not use the recommended default blue pages !

8 Press the "OK " button , an application of the CSS pages on the well.

Part II: Edit Font List .

1 Click the down arrow font bar , open the Edit Font List .

2 In the Edit Font List window, click the plus button .

3 Select a font , such as Times New Roman, press the left arrow button.

4 Continue to add fonts , select a font , such as Arial, press the arrow button to add .

Description: A list of fonts in a variety of fonts , such as " Founder, Arial, Helvetica , Chinese in Song " , the visitor computer started from the very beginning of the Founder font , if there is no corresponding Founder fonts , on the implementation of Arial, Times New Roman did not , on the implementation of bold, if not in the list of fonts , the system will be replaced with the default font .

5 can repeat the above steps to add other combinations of fonts.

Part III: redefine the body tag , so that the contents of the application form style outside . If a Web page , in addition there are the contents of the table , you need to define the body tag .

1 defines a cell without a defined body of the page.

2 Choose Redefine "body" tag . The method according to the first part of the definition of "body" tag .

3 defines the body of the page.

Part IV: Custom Forms tab. If you are using a form on a Web page , you need to redefine the form tag .

A definition input labels.

2 Define select labels.

3 Definitions textarea tags .

Part V : Definitions layer corresponding label . Layer corresponding label is div.

Part VI : Definitions anchor tags . That is about the link tags. Anchor corresponding label is a.

A default anchor tag pages , links are underlined , blue. This link is difficult to see !

2 Select the tab drop-down bar a.

3 Define a CSS style . Choose size 12 pixels ; modification select None ; choose a dark gray color , and black can distinguish text .

4 redefine the anchor tag page.

Part VII : Modify the style sheet.

1 In the CSS Styles panel, click the "Edit Style " radio button, then click the lower right corner of the "Edit Style Sheet " button .

2 for CSS styles to make some changes . Examples are the color becomes lighter .

3 Modify the style pages.

The basic need to define the style of a web page on the definition of good, style web applications directly on the new definition. If necessary, you can also define the style of other labels , such as the definition of the level of the color of the label hr .

When you create CSS, according to personal preferences, choose a way to use CSS . If you want to use the same style control multiple document formats , the use of " external CSS style sheet " is the easiest way . If " only the CSS document " like simple steps, or only one page needs to apply a CSS style sheet , then use .

The main contents :

1 " only to the document CSS" creation and application ;

2 Create the "external CSS style sheet ," the . ;

3 links " external CSS style sheet " file ;

4 , " the only document CSS" convert " external CSS style sheet " ;

5 " external CSS style sheet " into " the only document CSS";

6 Use the " snippet " function reuse " only the CSS document ."

When you create CSS in Dreamweaver, you can choose " is defined in the document " Creating a CSS style sheet and one of the "New Style Sheet file ." " Is defined in the document " The role only in the current document ; "New Style Sheet File" to create an independent external CSS style sheet file , multiple documents can be linked to an external CSS style sheet file.

1 . " The document only CS]

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