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Welcome to (Industry & Native boffin) The industrial age here is full of fighting spirit, you and I both through this network space with Native biological spirit boffin came to the mad labs. home, come and join us Permanent name:
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Welcome to (Industry & Native boffin) The industrial age here is full of fighting spirit, you and I both through this network space with Native biological spirit boffin came to the mad labs. home, Permanent name:

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1 dreamweaver tutorial Quickly build the framework of web pages on Thu Dec 05, 2013 4:43 am


First, the framework introduced
Frame page is a set of ordinary Web pages consisting of a collection of pages , usually concentrated in a frame page , some of the navigation of content on a page, while others will need to change the content in another page. The main reason to use the framework of the page I think it probably is to make navigation clearer, making the structure of the site is more straightforward. We look at the following example of this site , as shown in Figure 1.

( Figure 1 page framework instance )

This page is a frame from the upper part of the next three sets , the top part of the navigation of this site, click on a different column , the corresponding column will appear in the middle of the frame sub- pages. The bottom is some information page navigation of this site , click on each section , the information will appear in the middle of the main frame of the page. Such a combination can guarantee columns frame the entire site always appears in the viewer's line of sight , so that the viewer's attention is more focused on the middle part of the frame set , both in the fields.

Second, how to create a framework of page

Now I began to introduce major steps to quickly build the structure of the page frame construction , be pointed out that the road to the destination a thousand , I just go about my most common way :)Object panel added in the Dreamweaver4 the frames panel , we can use this tool to create a convenient framework for our page .

We know that the page frame structure is composed by a number of individual pages too , so before making framework consisting of the best first page of each page frame alone was built . First, we finally get a look at the page , as shown in two shows:

( Figure II , example of the final page )

This instance will we need to have three separate pages , top.htm top of the page , below the left navigation page Left.htm, bottom right of page content Main.htm. The following step describes specific steps to create:

1 , three empty pages created in Dreamweaver Site window , respectively , were named . Top.htm, Left.htm, Main.htm.

2, open Main.htm page. Object panel will switch to the Frames panel , shown in Figure 3 ;

( Figure III , Frames Tools panel )

Execute the menu Window-Frames panel open frame structure shown in figure 4 ;

(Figure 4 , Frames structural panels )

Execute the menu View-Visual Aids-Frame Borders makes visible border frame structure , shown in Figure 5 .

(Figure 5 , Frames Borders display )

3, in the Tools panel, select Frames frame set as shown in Figure VI ,

(Figure 6 , create a frame set )

Cooperation were inserted into an adjacent side of the page at the top of the Main page of the current composition of the framework set we need. As shown in Figure 7 ;

( Figure VII )

4 , specify the composition of the framework was set page , open the Properties panel , set separately address the actual file link at the top and left side of the frame of the page, as shown in Figure Eight other parameters ;

(Figure 8 , the properties panel detailed parameters )

1) Src: setting the framework document link.

2) FrameName: set the framework document name , the connection will be very important in this setting is used in the back .

3) Scroll: Set whether to allow the scroll bar appears , the best tip is set to No, the best left set to Auto.

4) No Resize: You can specify whether to allow changing the size of the window frame set each page .

Specify the address of the top of the page linked file address Top.htm, left page link file is Left.htm.

5 , changing the frame set page size. In the framework of the panel selected the framework set down borders, set the height of the top frame of the page, shown in Figure 9 ;

( Figure IX )

Next, use the mouse to the bottom of the selected frame set , then set the width of the left side of the frame in the Properties panel , shown in Figure 10 ;

(Figure 10 , )

6 , the basic framework for page composition on the set finished, execute the menu command File-Save Frameset As to save the frameset page is Frames.htm. Now we need to put up a bridge of communication between the various pages - add a link.

Third, realize the link between each frame page .

We know that the main purpose of the page frame is used for navigation, the viewer clicks on a link , the associated content page will be displayed in another frame , which is actually a link to specify a target for the frame window . Through the front frame with the name attribute we define , we can use any part or even the whole frame composition frame as the target window. To specify a link to a specific frame , you can follow these steps:

1 ) Select the link text or pictures , as we select the top of About Me text.

2 ) In the link address (Link), enter the appropriate address About.htm. In the Target drop-down box to select the desired window name , as eleven ;

( Figure XI , the target window name )

Shown here is the current page contains four windows and Dreamweaver default window name ,

_blank: This option will make the link open in a new window.
_parent: This option will make the link open in a window on the level of the current window .
_self: This option will make the link open in its own window where .
_top: This option will set a link in the entire framework of the outer end window opens.
mainFrame: we've set for the right of the window name, select this document will open in this window .
leftFrame: the name of our front window to the left of the set .
topFrame: name we've set for the top of the window .

3 ) In this case, we set the navigation section for the above target frame windows are mainFrame, click on the About section , the corresponding column content mainFrame will open in the bottom right of the window .

Fourth, while updating multiple pages.

There is what we need at the click of a column simultaneously update the other two or more frames page content , which can be achieved through the following steps to use Dreamweaver behaviors.

1 , select the link text or image .

2, open the panel acts (Behaviors), click the plus sign to add Go to URL behavior , as twelve ;

( Figure XII , add behavior )

3, Go to URL dialog box displays all the existing framework of the current window, we were to select a window name , the contents of the file can be set individually for each window will be updated separately . Dreamweaver will be set up in the back window of the target file to add a " * " sign indicates that this frame window has been set up URL.

( Figure XIII , set multiple target framework document addresses )

4 , can be determined after the completion point , we Click the link , it will also update the contents of multiple windows.

Fifth, due to the current framework has been supported by most browsers , so it is becoming more common . But relatively speaking, than the average page frame structure and making it difficult to control , many details need to adjust and you repeatedly practice , here are unable to detail , I hope my presentation can help you get started practice framework pages. Remember, no pay will be harvested.]

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