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Welcome to (Industry & Native boffin) The industrial age here is full of fighting spirit, you and I both through this network space with Native biological spirit boffin came to the mad labs. home, come and join us Permanent name:
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Welcome to (Industry & Native boffin) The industrial age here is full of fighting spirit, you and I both through this network space with Native biological spirit boffin came to the mad labs. home, Permanent name:

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1 Maya 3D Tutorial fur of hair to create articles on Thu Oct 09, 2014 2:09 am


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Many friends may already know about the use of fur, but how to put him into the desired shape on the whole quite know. In order for everyone to solve this problem, try to figure out after a period of time, I can finally write a complete thing out.
Since I have opened a hair salon, hair styling know so little about this stuff as long as you some basic concepts on the line. (If you want to create sections of different hairstyles, you can see a special hairstyle textbooks books) in most cases the hair length distribution is such that, in Figure 1, we call it "Edge hierarchy" that is, short of a gradual curve changes. This will ensure good when it came to the length of the orderly arrangement of the layers together.

Figure 1

Note that, at the beginning we need a head than the standard model, what is the standard? Wiring is reasonable, UV uniform distribution. You also need something as important, and that is patience. Because many parts need to find their own feeling, if not the patience to create rows is not a good effect.
A parting
Friends should have seen another one devoted to fur tutorial (I also relied on the Enlightenment), according to his method requires long hair out of the scalp. (Note: My model is a polygon, if it is done with nurbs, results not guaranteed.)
I wonder if you have not impressed, "maya full manual" has talked about a demarcation method, but as it is not a good way to separate the parting effect you want, because it is mainly for the plane, but our head round Well, if he can only get parting ways up and down the structure, which is an oblique maximum effect, it does not meet our requirements. So I have been elected to the desired boundary surface is divided into two parts around the center, and then specify hair. Figure 2, arrows 1, 2 and referred to as the left and right parts of the scalp, his hairline transferred to the ideal state.

Figure 2

Second, create
First select which half of the hair to add a command for it, as shown in Figure 3.

Figure 3

Third, the fine-tuning parameters
4, designated shown to fill plus hair reasonable parameters are indicated by the arrow must be specified, the other can look at the situation it ourselves. Arrow 1 is its excursion, for you can see, we first increase the length of the hair a little (note, start doing again to a place of its length), you can see it after the offset is not backward direction we want to get the direction of arrow 2 time adjustment parameters, which can change the hair poloidal, we want to have to give the direction. Together with a wireframe two parameters are adjusted reflective effect of the hair, the color tone black thing, it's the strength to maximum, set to 200. In this case the effect of the hair in Figure 4 should be the same, the parameters can refer to FIG.

Figure 4

Four, drawing length
Open to fine-tune the length of the command window, the option to fill in the arrow next desired length. (Note that this is the key.) (Reminder: To begin, just to see the effect of lengthening the parameters again to 1) as shown in Figure 5.

Figure 5

Five, Tim type
Join for hair brush tool, choose a small square behind the fast, operating in Figure 6.

Figure 6

Six, Tim type
Figure 7, before selecting the Brush tool has to choose the scalp. Select the length of the small window in the brush tool options, and the value adjusted value is 0, then click the button behind cover. The hair are not visible. This approach is what I come after many experiments, because there is no hair in a relatively easy to observe the surface of the newly added hair, if the entire head has been covered with hair, and then subtract the bad when observed.

Figure 7

Seven, to grow hair
Note: In order to better observe the director of each face hair curl hair first proposal and offsets are set to 0 degrees. Then adjusted to a first value Value. Since we have adjusted to the length of eight paintings in the fourth step (you can adjust the length you want too), so in Value 1:00 he will prevail for all lengths.
Figure 8, the hair transverse smear 12, (13 is not afraid, not more than 20.) And has been postponed until after the brain salient points. (Note that in this case so far is that the unit of length when full-length from the salient points down is necessary to reduce the length of a.) At this time require absolute careful, if Mama Huhu the effect will not guarantee the .

Figure 8

Down, as appropriate, decreasing its length from the salient points, see Figure 9.

Figure 9

Eight, the front is such that the position of the arrow can grow, as appropriate, in Figure 10.

Figure 10

Nine, hair
At this point, if you look carefully enough, you should already have a very good hair distribution, but because the scalp is round, so inevitably caused some amount distributed generation UV offset, so alone in front of the offset adjustment and very item has been unable to meet our requirements, and now we need to do something in the direction of up and down. 11 Select the direction as shown in the box, look under the surface of the model carefully applied in the direction you want. (Note: At this time for the hair to add a little offset or curved bottom can better observe the direction of hair fall)


Effect from the rear. If you want to make your character look like educated people would be a little careful, let the hair as natural as possible and neat offset to a reasonable direction, as shown in Figure 12.


Ten, docile some
Always make the hair stand is reminiscent of the behavior of some extraordinary people, such as soccer hooligans, do not worry, it is the docile down. Figure 13, choose a small box Base cur, in the brush control panel Value adjusted to 0, then Flood. How, hair down to it, like a Herd teenager. (Unfortunately, this person is quite old too big.)


XI, stereotypes
The final step, carried out in the previous step may not be very satisfactory results after the bottom of the bend, then the editor in Fur then transfer large degree offset some of the specific degree at your own discretion.
Note: Due to the previously mentioned UV distribution problems, above and behind the ear more than the need to offset the bottom of the (Base cur) increased a little, and carefully applied manually changed. (Figure 14 shows no increase like before, it is clear the top of the ear hair was much shorter, is not short, but too few Base cur question) So far, all of the steps that have been done are accountable, what concrete can make the effect depends on the degree of friends and proficiency of patience.]

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