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Welcome to (Industry & Native boffin) The industrial age here is full of fighting spirit, you and I both through this network space with Native biological spirit boffin came to the mad labs. home, come and join us Permanent name:
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Welcome to (Industry & Native boffin) The industrial age here is full of fighting spirit, you and I both through this network space with Native biological spirit boffin came to the mad labs. home, Permanent name:

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1Nike One Concept Empty Nike One Concept on Tue Sep 14, 2010 3:53 am


Nike One Concept Nike-one-concept-futuristic-car-01
Total Concept

The work of Nike and the makers of Gran Tourismo 4, a totally fictional car that had a whole history creatively fabricated for the GT4 release party.
These images have been around a while but I just come across them again and thought they where worth putting out there again.

Nike One Concept Nike-one-concept-futuristic-car-02
“The dramatic and futuristic design of the Nike ONE with its athlete focus, stretched surfaces and less-is-more philosophy is directly inspired from the principles of Nike founder Bill Bowerman” explains Phil Frank, Principal Phil Frank Design, LLC.
”We went to great lengths to understand what a Nike car should be,” explains Frank. “There were many discussions and concepts that evolved to ultimate solution, a very Nike solution for what a future performance vehicle should be.”
”As Nike is an athletic company, we understood there had to be more to the concept than just another fast car” says Frank. “The athlete is the critical part of this vehicle, so we designed from that perspective, taking our inspiration and learning from the human body, its motion and dynamics.”</BLOCKQUOTE>
Nike One Concept Nike-one-concept-futuristic-car-03
”You don’t just drive this vehicle, you are a part of it,” explains Frank. “There is much more required to master this vehicle than being a great driver, it is just as important to be at peak physical performance.”
”An athlete training to drive the Nike ONE uses a physical resistance simulator, that mimics the vehicle’s controls, along with the digital simulation within GT4 to train their muscles and mind for specific tracks and competition scenarios,” explains Frank, “it’s the ultimate in convergent technologies.”</BLOCKQUOTE>
Nike One Concept Nike-one-concept-futuristic-car-04
”The driver’s position is akin to a stretched out motorcycle rider”s, but with the added efficiency of clip-in pedals,” says Frank, “to accelerate/decelerate the athlete uses the large muscles of the leg and arms, thus the physical training that is needed to master the Nike ONE”
”The unique drive train, chassis, suspension and wheel layout leverage the future of nano-technologies,” explains Frank. “When you are working in a blue sky environment it is always important to have one foot in reality and the other one as far forward as possible.”</BLOCKQUOTE>
Nike One Concept Nike-one-concept-futuristic-car-05
Some ‘Fake’ Details

The Nike ONE would utilize heads-up display with race line tracking, NikeMax Optics Smart Glass that adjusts color to conditions for optimal contrast and clarity, Hub-less MMIW micro-motor-in-wheel, carbon/titainium weave flex frame/suspension, active aero, variable profile regrind tires (motorcycle-like strait line profile and racing slick-like cornering profile) combined with active camber/caster, Nike SHOX seat suspension to name a number of the high-end innovations.

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