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Welcome to (Industry & Native boffin) The industrial age here is full of fighting spirit, you and I both through this network space with Native biological spirit boffin came to the mad labs. home, come and join us Permanent name:
INB English forum

Welcome to (Industry & Native boffin) The industrial age here is full of fighting spirit, you and I both through this network space with Native biological spirit boffin came to the mad labs. home, Permanent name:

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1 Imikimi Photo Fun on Mon Sep 27, 2010 8:29 pm


Create and Share Images with Imikimi

Imikimi (pronounced: immy-kimmy) is an online creative community where millions of people throughout the world gather to create, re-mix and collaborate on their digital self-expressions in a fun and easy way. Their goal is to help everyone find their inner artist and share their masterpieces with the world. Imikimi artists just like you have already created millions of Kimis for others to share, remix and enjoy. As the first company to intersect three key components of the web - content creation, content sharing and social media, Imikimi has singlehandedly defined an entirely new category online referred to as collaborative digital creativity.

YouTube Imikimi Guide

var YouTube96065341 = function() {
return {
insert_video: function(vid) {
var vid_el = jQuery('#yt_player_96065341');
var html = '';

html += '';
html += '';
html += '';
html += '';
html += '';
html += '';


swap: function(vid) {
var meta_el = jQuery('#yt_meta_96065341');
var autoplay_url = vid.media_url + '&autoplay=1';

// swap video

// swap meta data'/utility/youtube_meta', {id:}, function(res) {

toggleInfo: function(anchor, vis) {

}(); tutorial. How to pimp out your photos.
by cherrimichelle | video info

4 ratings | 15,568 views
You can do so much on This is my favorite website to crop and customize my pictures. Be creative and go for it....It is so much fun!!!

curated content from YouTube

Sample Popular Kimis

Use these templates or make your own creations!

Imikimi Poll

var _voted_item_119512921 = null;

function vote_119512921() {
var elements = document.getElementsByName("option_select_119512921");
for (i = 0; i < elements.length; i++) {
if (elements[i].checked) {
_voted_item_119512921 = jQuery(elements[i]).attr('title');
new Ajax.Request('/utility/module/quickpoll', {onSuccess: function() {jQuery('#quickpoll_share_119512921').show(); showResults_119512921()}, asynchronous: true, method: 'post', postBody: 'mode=vote&lmi=119512921&option=' + elements[i].value});
//new Ajax.Updater('quickpoll_view_119512921', '/utility/module/quickpoll', {asynchronous: true, method: 'post', postBody: 'mode=vote&lmi=119512921&details=' + $('quickpoll_details_119512921').innerHTML});

function showResults_119512921() {
if (hasGaming) {
new Ajax.Updater('quickpoll_view_119512921', '/utility/module/quickpoll', {asynchronous: true, method: 'post', postBody: 'mode=loadResults&lmi=119512921&details=' + $('quickpoll_details_119512921').innerHTML});

function loadPoll_119512921() {
new Ajax.Updater('quickpoll_view_119512921', '/utility/module/quickpoll', {asynchronous: true, method: 'post', postBody: 'mode=loadPoll&lmi=119512921&details=' + $('quickpoll_details_119512921').innerHTML});


function fbSharePoll_119512921(mod_title, mod_url, mod_image, caption, description) {
var media;

caption = caption.replace(/\{vote_item\}/, _voted_item_119512921);

if (mod_image != '') {
media = [{
'type': 'image',
'href': mod_url,
'src': mod_image

method: 'stream.publish',
message: '',
attachment: {
name: mod_title,
caption: caption,
description: description,
href: mod_url,
media: media
action_links: [{'text': 'Take the poll',
'href': mod_url}],
user_message_prompt: 'Your vote is in! Now see what your Facebook friends think.'
function(response) {
if (response && response.post_id) {
http://SquidooComments.log('Post was published.');
} else {
http://SquidooComments.log('Post was not published.');

function twSharePoll_119512921(msg) {
msg = msg.replace(/\%7Bvote_item\%7D/, escape(_voted_item_119512921));
Twitter_Helper.popup('' + msg, 'social', 780, 480, true);


Do You Imikimi?
I put the "I" in Imikimi

I am thinking of joining Imikimi

I do not like Imikimi, I would not use it with a fox. I would not play with it in a box.

Skip voting, see results

Thanks for voting! Now invite your friends to vote.

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Imikimi Versus Blingee




Login Not Required



iPhone App



Plugin No Required






Social Voting



Artist Groups






Private Option



Support Forum



Brand Watermark


Yes (Pay to remove)

Either you are a Blingee person or your not. You will love this site - or never visit again! Add Glitter, Graphics, and Comments to personalize your images, then share with your friends!

Traditional photos are boring, and we thought you deserved much better than the same graphics and content with no personality used over and over again across the net so we decided to put the power back in your hands, and give you simple to use tools to create your own masterpieces that express your own ideas, feelings, and emotions!

ǝǝƃuılq snsɹǝʌ ıɯıʞıɯI

Imikimi iPhone App

Imikimi Mobile

Imikimi is now available on the App Store. You can frame your digial photos on your iPhone and iPod Touch. Use photos from Facebook, your Photo Library or iPhone camera. Post your creations on Facebook and tag your friends. Send Kimis as email postcards or tweet them on Twitter. Create Kimis for all your favorite iPhone Contacts!

Glogster - Poster Yourself

A glog is made with text, images, videos, photos, graphics, and more

Glogster is a global social network that enables people to create an online, interactive poster, or "glog" for free. A glog is made with text, images, videos, photos, graphics, and more. Simply put, Glog is a kind of poster - fully designed by you! Glog is a fancy creation from text, images, music and video. No matter if it is colorful, sexy or just plain strange - it gives you a perfect tool to express yourself. This lens shows the visual parts of glogs - but check out Glogster itself to see the video and audio part of glogs.

Chicisimo - Real Fashion, Real People

CHICISIMO is a global community of girls sharing their personal style and inspiring each other. Discover great brands, check out how fashionistas wear brands such as Zara or Topshop, clothes such as leggings or cardigans, or how do girls in France or Italy dress. Vote for the looks you like, and share them with your friends on Facebook or Twitter.

PLUS post your own fashion looks! Upload your photo, tag it with the clothes and brands you are wearing.

Phokki for Art Lovers

Ever thought about turning your photos into pop art? Well, if you learn all about photoshop or another photo editor you can do it. Or, the artists at Phokki can do it all for you. All you need to do is browse for a styling option, upload your photos, and you'll get the art in your email in-box within three days.


Photo Fun, Magazine Covers and Picture Frames

You don't need to be an expert to play with your photos, so it's time for some good fun Pictures4fun provides new original effects every day. Choose an effect from one of their categories (Photo Fun, Magazine Covers or Picture Frames) and upload your own photo. After resizing your photo you can download the fun photo to your hard disk or use it as an avatar.

Candy Photo Frame Text Generator

FREE Photo Strip


Wink is a new service from Shutterfly that lets you create printed photostrips using your pictures from Shutterfly, Facebook, Flickr and your iPhone. A photostrip is a 2x6 print like the kind you get from an old school photo booth, but made with your own pictures. A photostrip costs just $2.50, including tax and shipping, and is delivered in a nifty little mailer anywhere in the world. But if you try Wink now Your First Photostrip is FREE!

Bead Art

Known as pärlplattor in some parts, these beady mosaics can be quite beautiful. Choose photographs with strong colors and funky patterns for the most striking results


Photo Editing, Collages and Animation

Picture2Life is a powerful, but simple and easy-to-use online image editor which also allows you to create collages and animated gif's (or animations). It works great with your pictures that you already have online! That includes all photo sharing, hosting or blogging websites such as Flickr, Photobucket, ImageShack, MySpace, Friendster, Hi5, FotoLog, Facebook, Blogger, Wordpress, and the list just goes on... You can still upload pictures from your computer or mobile device if you prefer.]

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