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Welcome to (Industry & Native boffin) The industrial age here is full of fighting spirit, you and I both through this network space with Native biological spirit boffin came to the mad labs. home, come and join us Permanent name:
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Welcome to (Industry & Native boffin) The industrial age here is full of fighting spirit, you and I both through this network space with Native biological spirit boffin came to the mad labs. home, Permanent name:

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1 dreamweaver tutorial Color customized website on Thu Dec 05, 2013 4:39 am


DW4 introduced there for quite some time, many thoughtful new features allow designers excited for a long time . This is one of the more notable is the new Assets panel. As a Web designer, efficiency is very important , DW4 's Asset allows you to unify management of resources throughout the site. This eliminates the pain of repeated search can grow exponentially efficiency . DW4 is a new Assets panel can file types, such as images , templates , and other new tools to manage files , when you define a new site, all types of components are automatically added to the appropriate Asset panel when editing site table box. When we define a site , all of the above types of elements within this site will be automatically classified in the Assets panel displays , is called the Resources panel . In the Assets panel, you can store your own set of images, links , Flash movies, color table , templates , etc., consisting of the assets of this site. Note that before using the Resources panel , you must first define the site and the site generates a cache file . And if the file is large, the panel will take a short time to create a list of resources .

Here we take a look at how to use the Assets panel DW4 own custom color table .

First, we click the "Window" - "Assets", or press "F11" key. Open the Assets panel. Button on the left panel of nine elements of your site are classified according to the type of management , when you click a button , the corresponding name will appear in the top panel , next to the names are "site" and "Favoritesg" two radio button. Click the color "colors" button at the top Assets panel appears Colors words , as shown in 1. There are two options at the top , "Site" and "Favorites", the panel can be used as a simple resource site resource list (Site list) and certain personal favorite of the collection together as a preference list of resources (Favorites list). Wherein the majority of the operation site and preferences resource list resource list is the same . If you select a color, will be displayed in the window above the hexadecimal value of the color gradation of the color and tri-color corresponding code (RGB). To decrease the number of colors used for the site , it can only be in the region Favorites Assets panel the desired color is added , only the selected highlight color , and then click the right button on the bottom of the window (called "Add to Favorites " button ) can be.

List of resources at the site (Site list) inside, you can add color to the preferences freely Resource List (Favorites list) in . Method is to select a color after clicking the bottom right panel "Add to Favorites", or right-click on the selected color to select "Add to Favorites". If you want to apply a color , drag the color directly to your choice you can have , you can also click on the lower left corner of the panel "Apply" on a good text.

In the preferred resource list (Favorites list) , in addition to the site over the color shift colors outside , you can add new color preferences . Method , according to "New color" button to the bottom right corner , or the right mouse button "New color" option. Wrong, it does not matter , easily delete , press the bottom right button "Remove from Favorites", or the right mouse button "Remove from Favorites" option. If you want to apply a color , drag the color directly to the choice that you have a good text. You can also click on the lower left corner of the panel "Apply". While providing a color clip feature, you can put the same class , or more commonly used color in a folder you name a good color , easy to find . Add a new color folder, press "New Favorites Folder" button, or the right mouse button "New Favorites Folder" option , the Delete method to delete the lower right corner of the same color as the method . And you may be one of your own favorite color given a nickname instead of the original color gradations hexadecimal values. And the general method of file renaming as simple as that. You can also change the original color , direct and rapid double-click , pop-up box. Or press the lower right corner of the "Edit" button.

If you have some text within the site and added some color, do not worry about the color of the panel a list of resources does not change immediately , just click "Refresh Site List" ( Refresh Site List ) button to refresh the list of resources ( because the list of resources need to DW site to read the file list cache files , so need to refresh , so that resources panel to read the data in the cache file again ) . Similarly, when you refresh the resources you need to document the existence of the site cache , data cache resource panel will read the list of files will be displayed manually rebuild the site cache file : Press the mouse "Control" key (Windows operating system ) or "Command" key ( Macintosh operating system ) Click resources bottom panel "Refresh Site List" ( refresh Site List ) button.

Fact is that simple. Well, the bottom began to develop your website colors right, continue your tour pages , DW4 make your job easier.]

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