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Welcome to (Industry & Native boffin) The industrial age here is full of fighting spirit, you and I both through this network space with Native biological spirit boffin came to the mad labs. home, come and join us Permanent name:
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Welcome to (Industry & Native boffin) The industrial age here is full of fighting spirit, you and I both through this network space with Native biological spirit boffin came to the mad labs. home, Permanent name:

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1Depression AB surface you how far away from the mental illness Empty Depression AB surface you how far away from the mental illness on Tue Feb 26, 2013 6:55 am


Depression AB surface you how far away from the mental illness C8c58451-5e07-48ff-afd7-940145c91750 If you are virus carriers depression, aware of the problem, to solve half. Know
their own the depression virus carriers, choose a healthy lifestyle,
depression virus on the body but will become a vaccine to produce
antibodies, the natural development of depression immune crowd, away
from depression, make themselves and their families living get more healthy and happy.

year, when Andy served as ambassador and admits that she is a hepatitis
B virus carriers of hepatitis B prevention, can be described as a
ripple. People
tend to think that the carrying hepatitis B virus is bound to lead to
hepatitis B attack, and eventually developed into cirrhosis, liver
cancer is difficult to cure. In fact, is not inevitable. Susceptible
populations of those likely to suffer from depression, depression can
also be tentatively called depression virus carriers.

The A virus carriers depression, you are more prone to depression

the same environment, the chance of suffering from depression,
depression virus carriers is 2 times higher than the others. Annual life 3 or more times a negative event, 80% of susceptible populations of depression depression symptoms. And not susceptible to the depression of the population, only 30% of people in the same circumstances, depression. So, who is the depression virus carriers?

1. Currently suffering or have suffered from depression by relatives. The possibility of them suffering from serious depression is twice that of the general population.

and drug abusers and disorders of sleep mode, there is menstruation,
pregnancy, childbirth, menopause and other female physiological
processes, as well as in adolescence.

Interpersonal tensions, economic hardship, or way of life changed dramatically, people face enormous pressure. Such as the white-collar workplace hard, facing unprecedented fierce competition, leading to disappointment and frustration.

of intimacy to protect single women; suffered serious emotional combat
or other traumatic experience (about 37% of female patients with
depression in childhood or growing up, under 21 years ago, has been
subjected to physical or sexual aspects of abuse); Faced with aging, the lonely challenge the elderly.

Some major chronic disease patients; experienced the widowed major life events; once had hair of depression.

These groups are all susceptible populations of depression is depression virus carriers. The dangers of depression and as much as hepatitis B, about 15 percent of depression patients eventually died of suicide. Depression
seriously troubled the patient's life and work, a heavy financial
burden and psychological burden to families and society. So if you or your acquaintances around the virus carriers depression, this can not be taken lightly.

B Congratulations, you will probably depression immune

the pigeon-holing you found that he was very consistent with the
diagnostic criteria for depression virus carriers, then
congratulations! Hepatitis
B virus - Hepatitis B - cirrhosis - liver cancer is not the only road
to the only individual carriers may evolve into liver cancer. Most
people rely on medicine and food conditioning, attitude adjustment
become lifelong carriers of healthy and stable, and and rarely infect
others. While
the virus carriers depression health regression can be more thorough,
and that is likely to develop depression immune crowd, away from the

Depression virus carriers how to achieve a healthy return, a blessing in disguise it?

himself as belonging to the depression virus carriers, both can not be
overly concerned about, thought he was bound to suffer from depression,
or finds that he has been suffering from depression to psychosis wear
their hats faster themselves to depression abyss; also not be taken lightly, turn a blind eye to the facts of himself as belonging to high-risk groups of depression. If
indulgence negative emotions, ignore the mental adjustment to reject
behavior patterns change, boycott lifestyle health and eventually will
lead to severe depressive episodes.

Let the family to become a safe haven

the family point of view, if family members suffer from depression, and
his family then it may also be virus carriers Depression. For
patients, other family members need to use the scientific method, a
great deal of patience, sincerity, equality and communication, sincere,
practical help him / her to implement anti-affected. A depression in the family, may also reflect the overall family functioning disorders. Awareness
and the ability to think of the patients I have produced some degree of
damage, but the rest of the family's understanding and thinking is
quite sound. The
presence of depression in patients with just a warning signal, to
reflect on the problems of other family members in the family, and more
actively to solve the problem. In
this way, the depression virus carriers in addition to itself from the
troubles of the depression, there are likely to promote the
rehabilitation of family members, improve family relationships.

2 to the body more security

a physiological point of view, a variety of physiological processes and
in all stages of life, hormonal changes will cause emotional ups and
downs, this is normal, the need to find an appropriate way to give vent
to. For
example, a prospective mother can talk, counseling, meditation, walks,
flower arranging, listening to music, reading books, etc. to calm the
mind; an intense work of white-collar workers can chat with friends,
sports, K song, dance, and take care of others to handle stress and negative emotions. The virus carriers depression must be avoided or the withdrawal alcoholics and drug or taking other addictive drugs. Develop good work and rest rules also beneficial.

Give yourself more reasons decompression

a social point of view, such as in the white-collar women in the
extremely fierce competition and the need to clear itself needs to
distinguish between actual workload objective pressure subjective
pressure to increase their own expectations. Appropriate
to reduce the expectations of others, the future, and develop a
positive and peaceful state of mind and a healthy lifestyle, as well as
the ability to cope with change. The virus carriers work under heavy loads depression, to know how to snatch half a day. Boil
a bowl of Anshen Jieyu lily porridge and watch some Chunhuaqiuyue, this
calm and quiet, relaxation, away from depression amulet.

4. Give yourself more psychological support

virus carriers, especially in the growth process through the traumatic
experience of people need to pay close attention to the establishment
of close relations with family and friends. Also
need to be more proactive in seeking the help of a professional
counselor, from the unfortunate experience powerful energy better live.
are to avoid the depression virus carriers completely caught in the
strong sense of insecurity, loneliness, hopelessness, the sense of
meaninglessness of effective measures. In
this way, the unfortunate experience of the past but let you have more
experience than others, wisdom and energy, more appreciative of life
the good scenery.]

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